On My Nightstand - September 28

Recently shelved as read:

Wow, the last time I shared one of these posts, I was currently reading Lady Midnight!  I know now why I haven't written one of these posts in a while, since I normally write one as soon as I've moved onto a new book.  I have read many, many books since I picked up Lady Midnight, but haven't actually finished Lady Midnight just yet.  My most recently read book, however, is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I started rereading this series on audio a few months ago ... May perhaps?  I've been absolutely LOVING the series on audio, and I feel like I'm rediscovering it again after so many years.  I didn't think I'd end up finishing it this year, but I think there's a good chance that I actually might get to the next three books before Christmas!  Two hours in my car each day really adds up.

On my nightstand:

There's too many books to count on my nightstand right now *hides face in hands*  I'm a reading disaster.  I'm buddy reading Finnikin of the Rock with Jessica @ Novel Cravings, which I'm liking but not loving just yet.  I started reading it on audio instead of the print version, now that I'm between Harry Potter books.  I set it down over the weekend to read another one of the Among the Hidden series because it was due back at the library, and then picked up book 6 in that series as well, feeling like maybe I should just read the last two books quickly and be done with it.  But then I also realized that I have book club next week, and I should be reading THAT book.  So, currently, I have four books on my "currently reading" shelf on Goodreads (the shame, the shame, the shame...).

Calling my name from the shelf:

I'm going to Toronto to be a bridesmaid for one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, and I leave next Wednesday.  I'm hoping to finish up all my half-read books and then this beast is coming on the plane with me.  My flight leaves at an ungodly hour of the morning, so I might be too tired to read, but it's a long day of travel, so I can hopefully get some reading done!

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Top Seven Books On My Fall TBR Pile

Brrrr.... fall is here and I LOVE IT.  Summer is my least favourite season because I don't like being hot and sweaty.  This past summer wasn't too bad heat-wise, as we had a few hot weeks during the summer but it wasn't unbearably hot.  Summery weather has me craving contemporaries, but as soon as the weather shifts to fall, those crisp, cool nights just beg for a different kind of read.

Here are the books that I'm hoping to get to this fall...

1. The Young Elites by Marie Lu
I tried to read this one last year, but I was in an awful book slump so I set it aside.  I loved her Legend series, and know that I will love this one too.  I even ordered book two in order to get free shipping with Crooked Kingdom!

2. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Because OF COURSE.

3. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas
See above.

4. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
This book has sat on my shelves unread for way too freakin' long.

5. Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris
See above.

6. Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
Jessica @ Novel Cravings and I are reading this one together ... I'm cheating a little by putting a book that I'm currently reading on my list at the time of writing the list, but doesn't everyone write "Make list" on a to-do list, just so that you can cross something off just as soon as you've finished making the list?

7. Burn by Julianna Baggott
This was the one series that I absolutely planned to knock off my TBR list this year, and time's running out for me to achieve that goal!

I did quite well with my summer TBR list of seven, so I think I'll stick with that number for fall too!  I'll even see if I can tackle the last couple of books left on my summer TBR as well, since one of them (Beautiful Disaster) is one of the books left on my 16 books to read in 2016 list.

Have you read any of these books?  What's on your TBR list for the fall?  Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for stopping by =)

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Top Ten Favourite Books of All Time

Top Ten Tuesday is, as always, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  You guys, I haven't participated in Top Ten Tuesday since JUNE.  That's crazy!  I've already started planning my fall TBR list and, when I saw this week's topic, I just knew that I had to participate.

Condensing my favourites list down to ten is nearly impossible, so I'm going to do this a little bit differently.  I'm just going to list off the first ten favourites that come to mind!  So, here goes...

1. White Oleander by Janet Fitch
2. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
3. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
4. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
5. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
6. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
7. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
8. Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King
9. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
10. Wonder by R.J. Palacio

See any of your favourites on my list?

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Diplomatic Immunity - Brodi Ashton

I read and loved Everneath shortly after starting this blog.  I still look back fondly on my reading experience of that book because I went in blind, not knowing what the story was about at all.  I ended up LOVING it and losing myself in the story during a ferry ride back to Victoria.  Honestly, it shocks me that I never ended up finishing the series, but I would definitely start with re-reading the first book.

I've been very selective about my ARCs this, and have only downloaded a couple of Harper's titles on Edelweiss.  I was so proud of myself for finishing all of my finished review copies too, so I treated myself one evening by logging into Edelweiss to see what new titles were available.  When I saw Brodi's name, I took a chance on this book, and I'm so glad that I did.

If you've read the Everneath series, please know that this book is nothing like that series.  It's a cute contemporary story that reminded me a little of Top Ten Clues You're Clueless or Anna and the French Kiss.  I like my contemporaries with a side of heart and this story was both sweet and genuine.  Nothing felt forced or contrived, and I have the utmost respect for a contemporary writer that can pull that off.

Diplomatic Immunity is sweet (but won't rot your teeth) and cute (but won't make you roll your eyes aloud).  Highly recommend picking this one up!

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September TBR!

I've been rockin' most of my TBR lists so far this year, so let's see if I can keep it up =)  The weather has been beautiful and sunny for most of August, but turned to rain and clouds as soon as the month came to an end.  Colder rainy days result in me yearning for a different kind of read, and these are the two calling my name from the shelf ... er, the box of books that's packed and ready to go!

I've had Dangerous Girls on my shelves for over three years, and I've seen a few pictures on Instagram lately featuring this book.  It's on my list of 16 books to read in 2016 as well, and I've only read six of the books so far this year!  I started The Young Elites last year, during my epic book slump, but put it down because I just wasn't in the mood.  Again, Instagram has featured a number of people receiving packages for the series finale, which rekindled my interest in reading this book.  It's another of my list of titles to read this year.  If I can read both of these books this month, I'll actually be halfway through my list!

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Summer Wrap-up!

I started writing my June wrap-up, but July was almost over by the time I remembered to post it.  The same thing happened as July rolled into August, and now September is only hours away!  I'm glad that I took a little step back from blogging this summer, as life was super crazy and it gave me a chance to just read for the fun of it!  I feel a renewed sense of energy about blogging and reading, and am looking forward to the last few months of 2016.

The Books

Books Read: 23 (A Court of Mist and Fury, The Raven Boys, When We Collided, The Unexpected Everything, One True Loves, Harry Potter 1 to 3, The Moon & More, The Nest, Past Perfect, The History of Love, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Firsts, It Ends With Us, Diplomatic Immunity, Replica, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, All the Light We Cannot See, Among the Hidden, Among the Impostors, Among the Betrayed)
So many excellent contemporaries, honestly only one book that I didn't love, and I finally started my Harry Potter re-read on audio!

Books Acquired: 4 (Falling Kingdoms, One True Loves, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Exit, Pursued by a Bear)
Packing is excellent for one's book buying restraint.

The Challenges

Prequel & Sequel Challenge: +12 (A Court of Mist and Fury, Harry Potter 2/3/8, Among the Hidden and Betrayed) 
TBR Challenge: +9 (The Moon & More, Past Perfect, The History of Love, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, All the Light We Cannot See, Among the Hidden, Imposters and Betrayed)
Around the Year in 52 Books: 13 more challenges completed:
  • Reader's Choice (ACOMAF)
  • A book published in 2016 (The Unexpected Everything)
  • The first book in a new-to-you series (The Raven Boys)
  • A book with one of the five Ws or H in the title (When We Collided)
  • A book that was mentioned in another book (Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone)
  • A book that starts with the first letter of your name (The Moon & More)
  • A childhood classic (Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets)
  • A book by an author who writes under more than one name (Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban)
  • A book whose main character is in a profession that interests you (Diplomatic Immunity)
  • A dystopian (Replica)
  • An award winning book (All the Light We Cannot See)
  • A book related to a hobby or passion you have (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)
  • An identity book (The Nest)

The Blog

Not a whole lot happened on the blog this summer, so I won't do a full recap.  I will say that I loved sharing the mid-year book freak out tag!  I also tried to participate in the make-me-read-it readathon (and failed!) but it ended up being a super busy week, with very little reading time.  I succeeded at ARC August though!

The Other Stuff

House hunting is a complete roller coaster of emotion.  We put in an offer on a house at the end of June (one of the reasons why I completely forgot to finalize my wrap-up for the month) and after an evening of waiting that felt like a lifetime, we found out that we weren't the winning bid.  The house was sold for more than $60,000 over asking price.  The market in our area is completely wacked, and it was disheartening to feel like we might not find a home, especially after all our hard work selling our condo.

We jumped back into searching, and found a beautiful townhouse.  We put in an offer and, likely since it was a long weekend and many people were out of town, we were the winning bid!  It was a tumultuous week of confirming financing, booking an inspection, reviewing strata documents and ended by us finding out that the tenants in the townhouses were on a lease, rather than month-to-month as we had originally been advised.  We had to decide if we wanted to let the townhouse go and risk not finding anything to buy before the sale of our condo completed, or going through with the townhouse and finding a place to rent for the few months that we'd be in between homes.  We decided to take the leap with the townhouse!  We're officially homeowners!  Well, not quite officially, as we are still living in our condo, amidst a sea of boxes as we prepare to move to a temporary rental next week.  We will get the keys to our townhouse on December 7th, at which time we'll be doing a few renos before moving in.  Super excited for this next step in our lives!

The other exciting summer news is that I'm now an aunt!  My sister-in-law gave birth to twins in early August, a little boy and a little girl.  They were born premature and they just came home from the hospital last weekend.  The babies are so adorable and so perfect, and I am so excited about watching them grow up, especially for when they're old enough to play with Marko.

In August we also went on a family vacation to visit my husband's family in Alberta.  We spent a week in Calgary visiting his mom, and then the last few days of our vacation in Edmonton with his dad.  I felt like I'd been off work for a month by the time I returned!  It was a great holiday, and I'm already looking forward to next summer =)

How was your summer?  Let me know in the comments below, and thank you so much for stopping by =)

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An Inadvertent Hiatus!

Hi everyone!  This post is about three weeks late, but I inadvertently took a bit of a blogging hiatus.  August has been crazy with so many amazing things going on and I haven't had much time to crack open the laptop and do any blogging.  I have been reading a TON and thought I'd just focus on other things for a little bit.  I'll be back in September, or maybe even the end of August, as I've already got a few posts drafted.

Hope you've all been having a good summer!

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