All Your Perfects - Colleen Hoover

It's been three weeks since I finished this book, and I'm still struggling to find the words to talk about my thoughts.  First of all, let me say that I have a bit of a complicated relationship with Colleen Hoover.  I've reviewed several egalleys of her books, and borrowed the rest of her books from the library.  I've loved some, and could barely force myself to finish some of her other books.  For this reason, her books are not ones that I would run to the bookstore to buy, simply because I never know what I'm going to find between the covers.  Even those that I've enjoyed are ones that I won't reread.  For example, I thought Hopeless was a wild ride, with tons of twists and turns, but there were moments where the dramatics of the relationship reminded me too much of the Edward-Bella dynamic.  Although I thoroughly enjoy the reading experience with most of Colleen Hoover's books, there's always something problematic between the covers that prevents me from loving the book unconditionally.

Then I read All Your Perfects and I fell in love.  Perhaps it's because this is Colleen's first adult novel, rather than new adult, like the rest of her books, but this book BLEW ME AWAY.  All Your Perfects is the story of a couple struggling with infertility.  Quinn and Graham's relationship begins in an unconventional manner (but what a "how we met" story!) and is in danger of falling apart completely because of the strains that their struggles to conceive has placed on their marriage.  While I was lucky to get pregnant very quickly once we started trying, I know that the struggles in this book are real and have touched the lives of several close friends.  I cried alongside Quinn during her journey and this book absolutely tore me to pieces.  Despite what I mentioned above about not rushing to buy Colleen's books, I finished reading this book and immediately preordered a copy for my shelves because this is the type of book that I need to hug in person.  And my ereader doesn't quite do the trick.

If you've struggled with Colleen's books in the past, like me, definitely give this book a chance.  If you've struggled with infertility, this book will likely tear your heart out, and even if you haven't been through a journey similar to Quinn's, this book will still wreck you emotionally.  As I said at the beginning of this review, it's been weeks since I finished it and I still feel a bit vulnerable emotionally and unsure of how to put my thoughts into words.  Let me just end by saying this: this is Colleen's best work to date and if she continues along this path, she will be my next auto-buy author.  I can scarcely express how much this book touched my heart and I can't wait to reread it when my copy arrives.

Note: An egalley was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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