Save the Date - Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson can do no wrong.  Her books are the perfect summer reads and Save the Date is no exception. 

I struggled to get into the book at first but I think that had more to do with the fact that I had a lot going on in life at the end of May because once I settled into the book, the story FLEW by.  I read the last half of the book in two sittings, tearing through the pages to see how it would all unfold. 

Save the Date chronicles one of the wackiest, funnest families I've seen featured in fiction since the family next door in My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.  The Grant family's mom has penned a cartoon version of her family for many, many years and the comic strip is ending its publication the same weekend that the eldest daughter is getting married.  The story is filled with hijinks from wedding plans gone awry and features a host of colourful and genunine characters.  There are moments of laughter (lots of moments of laughter actually) and some emotional moments to balance out the story.

My only critcism of this book is that although our main character, Charlie, is at the end her senior year of high school, her character acts and behaves in a much more juvenile fashion.  Granted, she is the youngest in the family and maybe I just don't identify with that younger sibling mentality, but there were a few occasions where I felt like she should have acted in a more mature fashion.  There were also a couple of plot twists that I had figured out wayyyyy before the characters did, which left me just waiting for them to realize what was going on.  In some ways, Morgan's writing in this book reminded me a lot of Katie Finn's writing -- the story is mostly silly and angsty and doesn't have quite as much emotional heart as some of her other books.

Regardless of my minor qualms with Save the Date, I've still preordered a copy and will be adding this one to my Morgan Matson collection.  Although this one isn't at the top of my favourites list, Morgan is still a favourite author.

Note: An egalley was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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