Marko Monday [31] - Plant a Seed, See What Grows

My co-worker lives in a co-op and has a basket in her lobby where people leave books.  Her neighbours always seem to be getting rid of books that fit perfectly with things that we are learning about or doing in our household!  This month she brought me a book about planting seeds and seeing what grows ... just as we were planting our own seeds!

What makes this book extra special is that it's locally published.  I tried to find an image on Goodreads, but it's not listed, but I found their webpage.  I hope that this organization is still around because they've given copies of this book to all of our local libraries and their motto is absolutely beautiful:

“One seed can grow a forest, one child can change the world, one idea can inspire a generation.”

Plant a Seed, See What Grows is a story of a little boy and his mom that plant a seed and watch it grow, learning along the way about worms and what happens below the soil, as well as the patience required to wait while nature works its magic.  The illustrations are full colour and gorgeous and Marko loves to have the story read to him as well as making up his own story to go along with the pictures (in his version the worms are bad and try to eat the seed).



  1. BRB I have to go to the library and take out this book! I love your Marko Mondays <3


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