June Wrap-up

June has come and gone and I've read eleven more books!  I'm so amazed that I've read over 60 books so far this year -- at this rate I will smash my all-time record of 104 books.  I'm also planning to read some chunkier books later this year, so I may not keep reading at this rate, but I'm still amazed and impressed with myself.  Here's what I read this month...

1. A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas
I went into this book with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised!  The book felt like one big long epilogue which I really liked.  I decided earlier this year that I'm not a novella person, but I'm glad that I enjoyed this one.

2. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
I got approved for the next installment and wanted to pick it up, but felt like I needed a reread because I couldn't remember anything about this book other than the fact that I cried like a baby.  In public.  It wasn't as sad the second time through because my memories of the stories returned as I reread so I was prepared for the heartache.

3. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
Book club pick for May and I decided to listen solely on audio.  I was SO CONFUSED and I can't figure out if it's just a confusing book, or I'm not a sci-fi kind of girl, or I just wasn't paying enough attention.  Not my favourite book club pick, that's for sure.

4. Save the Date by Morgan Matson
Reviewed this one last month -- although not completely perfect, still a solidly good contemporary.

5. The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Four days into June and I finished my fourth book!  After rereading Five People, I knew I had to jump into the sequel right away.  OH THIS BOOK.  Full review to come in October, but YOU GUYS, Mitch Albom knows emotions.  Holy moly.

6. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
I saw that this was the #bigbookbuddyread for June, a hashtag that I follow on Instagram.  It's a book that I've had my eye on, so I picked up a copy and joined in!  I didn't join any of the chats, but did comment on some other posts and enjoyed the camaraderie on Instagram.  A solid read and I liked it, but didn't love it.

7. Beartown by Fredrik Backman
I really liked A Man Called Ove when I read it last summer so I requested Us Against You on Netgalley on a whim.  I was very surprised when my request was approved but then realized that it's the second in a series!  Shortly after, I saw Beartown at Costco so I picked it up.  

8. Us Against You by Fredrik Backman
Read both back to back -- watch for my review of this series soon!

9. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
I borrowed this from a coworker.  I brought her in a few Jodi Picoult books to read and she wanted to return the favour by recommending one of her favourite books!  Although I'm not the biggest fan of sci-fi (and time travel in general) I enjoyed this.  Not sure if I want to keep reading the series, but I did enjoy reading this book.

10. Blind Kiss by Renée Carlino
HOLY SMOKES THIS WAS GOOD.  My review will be posted on publication day (August 14th) but let me just say that this will be one of my favourite contemporaries of the year.  I cried THREE TIMES.

11. How to Walk Away by Katherine Center
I didn't think I'd be able to fit one more book into this month's reading but this one was such a quick (although not easy) read -- I picked it up because someone I follow online said it got her out of a reading slump and I couldn't agree more -- I couldn't put it down and tore through the book in only a few days.


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