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One of my resolutions this year was to resurrect some of my old features.  I decided to start Reading On My Mat in the summer of 2015 as a way of bringing in some of my non-reading interests to the blog.  The subsequent posts that I shared are some of my favourite posts that I've written on this blog and I've been itching to write another one.

Since I shared my introductory post about my reading journey, I stopped going to the yoga studio and fell into a lengthy period of not doing too much fitness-wise.  2016 was a bit of a blur with packing and selling and buying and moving and moving again.  Once life calmed down a bit, I started looking for a way to bring fitness back into my life.  My commute is an hour and a half each way, and as much as I would love to escape to a yoga studio for some deep, meaningful mat time, I knew that going to yoga once a week wasn't what I needed.  So I started using 20 minute yoga sessions on the Yoga Download podcast.  You guys, I loved them.  Twenty minutes was the perfect amount of time to get some fitness into my day, work up a sweat but not take away from the limited amount of time that I get to spend with my family after a long day at work.  Plus, Marko loves to join me!

I loved the free podcasts so much that I took advantage of Yoga Download's Earth Day sale and signed up for a one-year membership.  The cost of the membership is the same price that I used to pay for one month at my old yoga studio.  While I appreciate the fact that it is a unique experience to practice amongst others, I'm not ready to give up time with my family in exchange for yoga right now.  I love that I get home, change my clothes and am on the mat ready to go.  The classes vary from 15 minutes to over an hour, and I can choose from so many styles and instructors.  (I swear, this is not a paid ad in any way -- I just really love this site!)

I have also fallen head over heels for my new favourite instructor, Pradeep.  At the beginning of his classes, he says the most beautiful words, almost prayer-like, and his words reminded me of the spiritual feeling of peace that practicing brings to my heart.  Although yoga is about fitness, it's also about spiritual well-being and feeling centred and grounded in the world.  Whenever we'd return to downward-facing dog, Pradeep says, "Welcome Home."  Two simple words, but they meant so much to me.  Hanging upside down, shoulder muscles burning, I heard those words, "Welcome Home" and thought to myself, Yes yes YES.  Welcome home indeed.




  1. This is a beautiful post, I can't wait to read more like it in the future. I loved going to yoga classes and since I've had Theo I have tried at home but not felt the connection the same way. I tried youtube videos but maybe I will try this podcast?


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