Marko Monday [29] - PJ Mouse

Although the love for superheroes is still going strong in our household, Marko also has a new love, and that love is PJ Mouse.  My mom bought this for Marko for his second birthday (I think?), as well as the accompanying plush hero of the story, and it was way above his storytime level so we put it on his bookshelf for a later date.  When Marko received a stuffed cobra for his birthday, the plush PJ Mouse came out to play as snake food.  Soon enough, the snake went back up to the bedroom, but PJ became a constant fixture in our day-to-day life, sitting at a spare chair at the dining table, riding in my purse and ready to join in the fun whenever we were out and about.  Then, I suggested to Marko that we read PJ's book.  I explained that this book doesn't have many pictures, but that he'll have to imagine what's happening while I'm reading it because it's a big kid book.  I couldn't believe the instant success of the story!  Part of it might have been the voices that I always use when I'm reading aloud (and PJ has an exceptionally high squeaky voice!) but Marko was in stitches when PJ fell into a cravasse while hiking on a glacier.  This is his first chapter book, but he's already intrigued about what other books we can read that don't have many pictures.  So, of course, I pulled out my illustrated Harry Potter books and we had a flip through, talking about the story that we'll explore together when he's a bit older.  You guys, I am SO EXCITED that this kid is poised on the edge of learning to read (he's got most of the alphabet down and we're working on the sounds that the letters make).  His whole world is about to open in a whole new way, and The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse is just the beginning.

Here's my little reader, sharing his spider book with his new little friend...

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