Marko Monday [28]

Lately, I find myself getting more and more emotional with the arrival and passing of certain stages.  Marko turned five last month, and I think the arrival of this milestone birthday just jump started this feeling like my baby boy is really growing up.  From the time he was born, he's always been my little man, always seeming wiser than his age.  Now, I just love the things that come out of his mouth!  I love the personality that he's developing as he figures out the world and his place in it.  As I mentioned on here before, he's totally into superheroes right now.  Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, doesn't matter -- he loves them all.  One night he says to me, all serious, "Mama, I'm not just a man, and I'm not just slippery.  I'm Slippery Man."

The next night, we opened his "Make Your Own Superhero Costume" kit that he received for his birthday.  It came with the basics of a superhero costume, but fun stick-on options to make a unique superhero costume.  Here's Slippery Man:

OK, now to tie superheroes into the cute bunny book that is the central focus of this book.  My hubby and Marko gifted this book to me a couple of years ago for Mother's Day.  It has a cute, quick storyline with all types of baby and mama animals, each one explaining "I love my mommy because..."  I've read this book to Marko dozens of times and it's still one that we gravitate towards when it's late and we need a quick story.  A couple of weeks ago, Marko picked this book off the shelf, and announced to me that he was going to read to me tonight.  As I mentioned above, there are certain moments lately that literally take my breath away and cause me to marvel at the actual little man that he is becoming.  I should qualify and say that he's not actually reading yet, but he has so many of his stories memorized, and even reads them with the same voices and intonations that I use while reading the story.  I love witnessing him soaking up all this literature and how much he loves books.  As we sit poised on the verge of his next big leap, learning to really read, I pray that he continues to love to read because I can't wait to watch him explore the worlds contained between the pages on his own.  

And I'm getting emotional again -- if one was incredible, and two was amazing, and three was the best yet, and four was out of this world ... there are no words to describe five.  



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