She Regrets Nothing - Andrea Dunlop

I've followed Andrea Dunlop on social media for a while, but hadn't tried her writing yet.  I had a similar experience with Rachel Del, getting to know the writer online through her posts before I tried out her work.  It's an interesting experience to feel like you know an author a little bit before reading her book, and it has paid off twice now!

I have no regrets about picking up She Regrets Nothing (ha! I had to write just the one pun -- I'm done now, I promise).  The storyline read a lot like Gossip Girl for adults -- I felt like Laila's character reminded me a lot of Jenny, and all of things that she got into while trying to fit into the elite world of Manhattan.  And just like I felt with Jenny, Laila annoyed me.  A lot.  One of the most powerful things in contemporary literature is when a character can annoy me to high heavens, but I still can't put the book down.  In a way, it also reminded me a The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo -- I couldn't stand Evelyn, but I couldn't stop reading either.  I felt exactly the same way about Laila.  I wanted to smack her, I wanted to jump into the story and shake her shoulders and tell her to smarten up because she had so many things going for her and kept managing to find ways to screw everything up.  When an author can bring out those kinds of emotions with a work of contemporary fiction, I find that admirable.

She Regrets Nothing will definitely not be the last of Andrea's books for me, and I'm already looking forward to picking up her other book that I've seen all over Instagram, Losing the Light.  I highly recommend this one for your spring break holiday, or to be tucked into your beach bag this summer.  It's light and fun, but also has a lot of heart.

Note: An egalley was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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