Marko Monday [27] - Five Minute Stories

To say that Marko is obsessed with superheroes would be an understatement.  When my little man loves something, he loves it with his whole heart and his whole being.  When he was one, he loved whales.  When he was two, he loved Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc.  When he was three, he loved Paw Patrol.  When he was four, he loved dinosaurs.  Now that he's five, the love for Batman, Ironman and Spider-Man grows with each passing day.  He was Batman for Hallowe'en and had a Spider-Man birthday cake this year.

The 5-minute stories have been a fixture in our house for at least six months, and we've collected several volumes.  There is one Batman volume, two Spider-Man volumes, and one collection of Marvel stories.  These books are the perfect read-aloud length before bed and they hold Marko's interest for longer when he flips through the books on his own, because they're hefty books with about ten stories in each one.  Although Marko's isn't close to reading on his own, I feel like these books will bridge the gap between being read to and reading on his own.  The next stage of his reading life feels not that far away!  It's hard to believe that this feature will soon progress from picture books to chapter books!

As I shared last week, this little man is now FIVE YEARS OLD.  I registered him for kindergarten, and just received the email today that he was accepted into our school of choice.  Starting this September, he'll be attending school!  His school mascot is a dragon, which I think is pretty fitting, since he was born on the last day of the year of the dragon.  He's already talking about kindergarten and, although he doesn't fully understand the concept just yet, he's pretty excited for his "big boy school."  I love the boy he is and the boy he is becoming.



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