Happy 5th Birthday Marko!

I thought I was pretty good at posting birthday posts, but it looks like I haven't done one since Marko turned three!

We'll follow the same process and look back at the last couple of years...

When you were four...
Dinosaurs were still the thing and we took you to Drumheller to see real dinosaur bones, although you reminded us quite frequently that all the dinosaurs DIED and these are not REAL, okay?  You are the man of a million questions, from "Why do I have a bum?" to "Where is my soul?"  Youtube has provided a constant support to this endless stream of questions, since it's sometimes easier to just watch a frog eat a fly in slow motion than to try to explain how a frog's tongue works.  I feel like I'll always remember the funny way you mispronounce certain words, only to have you learn how to say them properly and then I find myself struggling to remember the sweet way you mispronounced them only a few days ago.  Your smile can light up a room, and you're such a caring soul.

Now you're five...
And it's all about superheroes!  Batman was a favourite and it was your Hallowe'en costume, but Spider-Man and Ironman are close seconds.  You had a Spider-Man birthday cake, and have already pre-booked the next two birthday cakes: Ironman next year, and Batman the year after that.  You have the most amazing relationship with your dad, and I'm so grateful for that, even when I am occasionally told, "Mama, it's boy time, okay?  You can be a superhero next time."

Marko, my beautiful baby boy, my angel -- may you always shine as brightly as you do now.  Five is going to be your best year yet, full of exciting adventures, like kindergarten!  If the last five years are any indication of how wonderful you are, I can scarcely wait for the next fifty.

Mama loves you so so so much!



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