Reading Resolutions 2018

1. Have less physical books on my TBR on December 31 than I do now.
I made it to less than 100 physical books on my TBR by the end of the year, but I got some books for Christmas, and made a visit to my favourite used bookstore in Victoria, and my TBR currently sits at 111 books.  While I'd love to have 75 books on my TBR (or, honestly, only 50), I don't want to assign myself an actual goal.  This goal is still measurable, which is what I wanted last year when I set a specific number, but it feels less constraining than last year's goal.

2. Have less ebooks on my TBR on December 31 than I do now.
I was SO GOOD last year and didn't buy many ebooks at all.  Since Christmas, there have been some good sales, and I've added SEVEN books to my TBR!  Although I'm excited about all of them, I am going to make a conscious effort every now and then to pick up my ereader instead of a physical book.

3. End the year with no 2017 or earlier ARCs.
I've been really, really good at reading and catching up with my ARCs, and I currently only have one expired ARC.  I plan to read that one, and to stay current with ARCs this year, a very manageable task.

3. Finish 10 series.
Last year, I shared a post outlining the ten series that I plan to read.  This year, I'm not setting any goals with regard to the series I plan to conquer (although, if you read my 18 books to read in 2018 list, you'll see that reading all of those books will result in __ of the ten series).  I might read some old ones, or start and finish some new ones, we'll see!

4. Blog whenever I feel like it.
No pressure this year.  None at all.  I'm going to go where the wind blows me.

5. Participate in three online events.
Same goal as last year, which I totally exceeded, but I'm still going to keep it at the same for this year.  I have a few things from previous years that I'd like to participate in again, if they're happening, and I'm also equally open to participating in something brand new.  Again, let's see where the wind blows.

Do you make reading resolutions?  If so, what are your resolutions for the coming year?  If not, do you have a different method of setting your intentions for the coming year?  Let me know in the comments below, and a very happy new year to you!



  1. I love your goals about having less books on your TBR at the end of the year than you so now. That is a great way to tackle something like that. Good luck!


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