Marko Monday [26] - My Snake Blake

Although my last Marko Monday post was two months ago, one thing hasn't changed since then: the kid still loves snakes.  Jessica @ Novel Cravings sent me the sweetest Christmas parcel (more on that in my haul post later this week), and then sent a separate one with a book for Marko.  He loved going to the post office to pick up his book, and wanted to read it right away in the car on the way home.

I loooooove to read books when I can ham up the voices a little bit and bring the story alive.  This book provides the perfect excuse for that, drawing out the words orally as I traced my finger along the word that the snake had spelled out with his body.  Marko was laughing so hard about the mom being scared of the snake, especially when the snake spells out "Relax" so that the mom will calm down.  This book is a treat with simple and sweet illustrations, and a story of a boy and his best friend.

As I mentioned in last month's post, Marko loves his plush snakes, so here's a semi-recent photo of him with Randy, Blue, Teet-see and Lavander.



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