Reading Resolutions & Challenges 2017

As we bid a fond farewell to 2017, it's time to look back at my reading resolutions and reading challenge goals that I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.  I still have just over a week to work on these goals, but I thought I'd wrap the year up now.

Reading Challenges

I participated in four reading challenges this year.

1. Goodreads Challenge.  I set my reading goal at 50 books because I know that I always read more than that, and I never want to log into Goodreads and be told that I'm three books behind schedule.  Nobody needs that kind of stress in life.  I blew past my goal in the summer, and kept on trucking, reading over 100 books this year!  Honestly, I've never had a total this high before, and I think I can credit my new commute -- over an hour of uninterrupted reading time really makes a difference!

2. Prequel and Sequel Challenge.  My goal was Professional (76-100 points) and I definitely met my goal.  I lost count of my total number of points, but it's definitely way past that.  

3. Rock My TBR.  My goal was 30 books, and I'm fairly certain that I read close to 40 books that I'd previously owned.

4. Flights of Fantasy.  My goal was 12 books, one per month.  At last count, I was at 22 books.  I'm really proud of my fantasy reading this year, especially because some of those fantasy books are my favourite reads of the year!

Reading Resolutions

1. Reduce my physical TBR to less than 100 books.
As I'm writing this post, I currently have 102 unread books on my physical TBR.  I unhauled a few books that I had picked up and set aside over the years, as well as some books that I know I've just lost interest in reading (like finally parting with Across the Universe).  I also unhauled some old, old ARCs that were gifted to me, which I've also lost interest in reading (and I plan to leave them in free little libraries!)  Although I didn't quite make my goal, I definitely felt like I focused on reading the books that I owned, and I know that I'll see that number go down even further next year.

2. Reduce my e-book TBR to less than 20 books.
I have 21 books still on my ebook TBR, and I just started one ... so I might still make it!  BUT, considering I had over 30 at the beginning of the year, and I only bought five ebooks this year, I both reduced my purchases AND read a whole bunch of ebooks!

3. Finish 10 series.
I gave up on finishing my original list of 10 series over the summer, but managed to finish/catch up to the last book published in the following nine series:
  • Shades of Magic trilogy (started and finished)
  • Monsters of Verity duology (started and finished)
  • Unraveling duology (started and finished)
  • Burn trilogy
  • ACOTAR series
  • Dark Artifices (started and am all caught up)
  • Throne of Glass (all caught up)
  • Lux series (finished)
  • Young Elites trilogy (finished)
I also read some other series books (like three more in the Magyk series) and I started (and may possibly finish) the Shadowlands trilogy.  I also read Warcross, which is another series that I plan to continue, but I didn't think I could put it on my list for only one book read.  All in all, I consider this challenge a success -- I feel good about my progress with series this year.

4. Blog whenever hubby plays video games.
My hubby hasn't played video games since I posted my resolutions!  He has watched a lot of sports this year, and I've tried to be better at plugging in my headphones to drown out the TV, rather than mindlessly scrolling through my phone while he's watching TV.  Definitely something that I can work on next year as well.

5. Participate in three online events.
Epic Success!  I participated in the Love-a-Thon, the All the Short Ones readathon and the third round of Tome Topple.  I also joined #Spookathon (and was SO PROUD of myself for posting all 31 days of the Instagram challenge!).  I tried, but didn't manage to complete, two more rounds of Tome Topple.  Just wasn't in the mood for bigger books.  And then rounded off the year with my favourite bookish event, The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa!

Did you make reading resolutions this year?  If so, did you achieve your goals?



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