Marko Monday [25] -

Lately, Marko has been into snakes.  For his birthday last year, he acquired a large plush snake, and has acquired three more since then.  On weekend mornings, we can hear the rattle of his rattlesnake's tail as he brings all four plush snakes down the hall and climbs into our bed.  Then we all have to "squeeze up like a happy family" with him and his snakes in the middle.

So when we stumbled across this book at Value Village one day, we had to grab it and it's been a favourite lately.  The story is told from the boy's perspective and the snake's perspective, and the book is flipped upside down when switching perspectives (front to back, and then back to front). It's a cute story, because the boy is scared of the snake, and then when the snake tells the story, he's scared of the boy.  As a mama who wasn't super fond of snakes to begin with, this is a good reminder that they're probably just as scared of us as we are of them.

It's hard to believe that we're closing in on this little man's fifth birthday.  He's growing like crazy and has lost some of his short stockiness, as he's quite tall and a bit lankier now.  He loves imaginative play as well as curling up on the couch with a book or watching a movie together.  Cuddles are harder to come by these days as sometimes he's "too busy" but it just makes them all the more enjoyable when he does slow down for just a minute to snuggle.  I always want to grab him and squeeze him and demand that time slow down, just a little bit.  But he squirms away and races off to fight some more bad guys before dinner.  For "just one more minute, okay Mama?"



  1. This is so cute. I wonder if I could do a Theo Thursday? Anyway I think it is adorable that you are reconsidering snakes because of Marko's love for them! And I just love how much he enjoys reading, I can already see this in Theo too, although he doesnt have the attention span during the day to really sit with a book for long.

    1. OMIGOSH PLEASE DO A THEO THURSDAY!!!! I would love that so, so much.


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