Spookathon - Day Four

It's day four of Spookathon -- and I've totally tossed my TBR out the window.  BUT, but but but -- I'm currently reading my third book and I'm SUPER PROUD of myself.

The challenges:

1. Read a thriller -- check!  Both books that I've read so far count for this challenge.
2. Read a book about a childhood fear -- check!  I'm cheating a little on this one, as Black Feathers takes place in my hometown.  And the idea of a serial killer in my hometown is super creepy.  I honestly don't think I really had a childhood fear, so I had to get a little creative with this one =P
3. Read a book with orange on the cover -- in progress!  I'm currently reading He Will Be My Ruin, and the cover is orange.
4. Read a book with a spooky setting -- check!  Black Feathers was definitely spooky; the main character lived on the streets.
5. Read a book with a creepy word in the title -- check!  Black, Ruin, any of those will work.  I'd planned to read Unwind this week, which miiiiight still happen, but I'll call this a success regardless!

Are you participating in Spookathon?  If so, how is your reading coming along?  This is honestly the first October that I've ever really craved reading spooky books, and I'm loving it so far!  Plus, two of them are ebooks, which is totally helping me reach my goal of getting my ereader down to 20 books by the end of the year.



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