May Wrap-up!

Let me not even start on how quickly May disappeared, and marvel at the fact that SUMMER is nearly here.  SUMMERTIME PEOPLE.  Wasn't it just Christmas last week?

The Books

Books Read: 5 (The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, A Court of Wings and Ruin, Crown of Midnight, Lady Midnight, Milk and Honey)
Again, less books than last month, but two of them were long reads, and I enjoyed taking my time with both of them.

Books Acquired: 3 (A Court of Wings and Ruin, The Names They Gave Us, Lord of Shadows)
So many good books came out in May, and I'm so happy to have these three on my shelves.

The Challenges

Prequel & Sequel Challenge: +14 (ACOWAR and Crown of Midnight)
TBR Challenge: +1 (Lady Midnight)
Flights of Fantasy: +3 (ACOWAR, Crown of Midnight, Lady Midnight)

The Blog

This is actually the first and last post of this month!  I unintentionally took a month off of blogging, and I think it was a needed break.  I'm slowly feeling like I'm ready to jump back into it, but we'll just see where things go after this post.  I'm looking forward to reading some good books next year (currently reading Lord of Shadows, and I think I'm off to a good start) and slowly climbing back aboard the blogging train.

 The Other Stuff

May feels like it was really busy, but now I'm struggling to remember exactly what made it so busy. We had my in-laws visit at the beginning of May, when my niece and nephew were baptized.  It was a fun, family-filled week, but it was also nice to have our house back to ourselves after everyone went home again.  Then, for the Victoria day long weekend, we went to the Island to visit my family.  Again, a lovely weekend, but it's just as tiring to be away from home as it is to have people visiting.  I'm such an introvert =P  I like the time with family, but I also need that time to recharge from all the craziness.

We all came down with a summer cold, and I used my first official sick day.  My previous job didn't have sick days, so I'd drag myself in feeling like crap, or have to use a vacation day if I wanted to be paid for staying at home.  There's no legislation in British Columbia to require employers to provide sick days, but many choose to do so as a courtesy to their employees.  Honestly, it was lovely to be able to take the time to catch up on some much needed rest, and I felt SO MUCH better the next day.  Generally, it would take me a week or so to really get over a cold since it would linger, but I honestly felt like I kicked it in a day, since I had the time to rest and recover.  Sick days really should be part of our minimum employment standards, like minimum wage and maternity leave.  I'm so grateful for this new job, since I know in my heart that I already have a better work-life balance than I've ever had before.

The weather has been cold and rainy ALL SPRING so far, but it just warmed up last week and got HOT.  We've had 25ish degrees for the past week, and my body is already craving fall.  We haven't busted out the A/C just yet, but I have a feeling that day is not too far down the road.  Plus, I'm already itching to start planning my summer TBR list.  Anyone else get that itch as soon as the weather gets warmer?  I do the same thing as summer nights start to get colder, imagining which books I'll be reading when I get my Snuggie back out, which books I'll be reading by the fireplace in wintertime, and then which books I imagine reading next year.  I'm always planning for the next season =)

How about you?  Anything exciting happen to you in May?  Let me know if you've read something amazing so far this year and if you're planning your summer TBR too!  Thank you for stopping by =)



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