Love-a-Thon -- Introduction Post!

Hi Everyone!  I had such a fun time participating in the love-a-thon last year, and this event was at the top of the list of things that I wanted to do again this year.  This event represents everything that I love about the online bookish community =)  To kick off this weekend, here's my introductory post...

An Introduction to You and Your Blog

What’s your name? Where in the world are you blogging from?

My name is Melissa, and I'm blogging from the West Coast of Canada, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tell us your history with reading. Were you always a reader? Were you a reluctant reader? Was there a book that convinced you to become a reader?

I've been a reader for as long as I can remember.  My mom used to take me to the library and I'd borrow a huge pile of Sweet Valley High, Babysitter's Club and Nancy Drew books, and then beg to go back to the library two days later because I'd read them all.

How did you get involved in the online book community?
I started my blog in 2011, after taking a course where I learned all about social media, blogs and online resources.  Nearly six years later, I'm still proud of my little corner of the internet.

How did you choose your primary platform (blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc)? How did you come up with your blog name?
We learned about Blogger and Wordpress as part of this course, and I just picked Blogger to start with.  I've always been a reader, but also a writer, hence Writer Grrl Reads.  The "Grrl" is a shoutout to my Women's Studies background (that's what I studied in university).  We learned about the Riot Grrl movement in one of the courses that I took, and I always loved the edginess of "Grrl."  Feminine, but with a little growl too.

What’s your favorite thing about the online book community?
The friendships that I've made along the way.  There are a few bloggers who were around when I first started, and we're even friends on Facebook (as close to "real life" as we can get!)  Two of the best bookish friendships are with Lauren @ Lose Time Reading (I met her through TBTB Secret Santa many years ago) and Jessica @ Novel Cravings (I met her last year through OTSP Secret Sister).  Both of these ladies are amazing, and we text constantly about books and real life things. 

What sort of posts can readers expect from you?
I don't review much these days, other than books that have been provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, but I do provide updates on what I'm reading with my On My Nightstand posts.  This year, I've switched from monthly TBR posts to seasonal TBRs.  I've dabbled with a number of features over the years, but this year I'm planning to bring back Marko Mondays (where I share updates on my son and provide picture book reviews) as well as Reading on My Mat (a series of posts about my yoga journey).

What book genres do you talk about most?
I used to read primarily YA, but I got back into adult fiction last year and it's been great.  You'll still see a lot of YA on here, but I'm trying to branch out a bit.  Fantasy is another recent addition to my reading palate, and I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous with high fantasy.


Favorite food? Beverage?
I like all kinds of food, except Indian curry and liver and onions.  My favourite beverage is a cup of Earl Grey tea, with a tiny dab of honey and a splash of milk.

Favorite colour?

Favorite things to do apart from reading?
I've recently started bullet journaling, but I do that while listening to an audio book, so does that count?  Ha ha ha.  Ditto with adult colouring books.  I'm slowing getting back into doing yoga more regularly, and my husband and I are currently watching The Bachelor (Corinne is CRAZY!)  And, of course, spending time with my four year old son, Marko, who is the light of my life.

Favorite tv shows?
At the moment, The Bachelor.  We're also slowly working our way through Star Trek: Voyager.  The other series that we have on the go are Mr. D, Friday Night Lights, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Being Erica.  I'm also counting down 'til the next season of Game of Thrones.  Oh, and my husband makes me watch The Walking Dead with him, although I hide under the blankets for most of it, so I'm not sure that it counts.

Favorite movies?
At the moment, I pretty much watch Disney Pixar movies, but I won't list those =)  Most of my favourite movies include one of my three celebrity crushes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling or Tobey Maguire.  And She's All That, which is pretty much my favourite movie EVER.

Favorite musical artists?
Again, SO MANY...  The 1990s were my decade, and I still love Savage Garden, Christina Aguilera, Will Smith and Alanis Morrisette.  New favourites include Florence + the Machine, Sia, Lady Gaga, Blue Rodeo, Snow Patrol, City and Colour, Kings of Leon, and many more that I can't think of right now.  I love listening to my favourites and discovering new ones.

Favorite places to shop?
Ummm... the bookstore?  Or a bookstore with a tea shop?  Which I just happen to have found in my new neighbourhood -- pretty much retail perfection.

Favorite childhood books?
Hands down, Michael Ende's The Neverending Story.  It's a book that I'm dying to revisit one of these days.

Favorite books read in the last five years?
Oh my gosh, these are impossible questions!  Anything by Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Morgan Matson, Emery Lord, Katie Cotugno or Sarah Dessen.  Love that this is a split between fantasy and contemporary.

Favorite genres?
A year ago, I would have said contemporary, hands down, but I've been drifting into fantasy more and more and I have to say that I am liking it!

Book Talk

Underrated book, series or author you love?
I read Rachel Del's How To Be Someone Else last fall and it was such a cute contemporary, but with some series heart.  Rachel is also just a super sweet person in general, and a mama to a little boy who is close to Marko's age, so I love following her on Instagram too.

A book you want to see made into a film or tv show?
I'm hopelessly behind with seeing adaptations, but I did recently finish reading A Darker Shade of Magic, and I thought that the scene at the end would be spectacular on screen.  Not to mention seeing all the different Londons come to life.

Book boyfriend/girlfriend? Book BFF? Book family?
I'm not really a book boyfriend kind of girl, but then I read A Court of Mist and Fury.  And, well, you all know how that goes.  For best friends, I loved the friendship in The Start of You and Me by Emery Lord.  And book family would go to Starr's family in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

Books you want to read in 2017?
I have a whole list of 17 books that I'm aiming to tackle this year!  But two books that I absolutely want to read are Empire of Storms (I know, I know) and Burn (because I said I would read it last year, but didn't).

This was super fun, and I'm already looking forward to bouncing around the internet and meeting new people!  Let the Love-a-thon begin!



  1. Haha, I have the same memories when it comes to the library! We would go every Friday, but a lot of times I already finished the books way before that.

    Isn't it great how this community has started true friendship all around the world?


    Disney (Pixar) movies, what a great taste you have ;)


  2. It's so wonderful that you've made such close friendships, Melissa! I love this community so much.

  3. I'm so glad you're joining the Love-a-Thon this year! Also, I was OBSESSED with Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley and the BSC as a kid. I have so many of the books in my childhood home, though my mom wants me to try to clean them up when I go to visit later this year! And yay for starting our blogs in the same year :D

  4. Hi Melissa! I LOVE all things Disney too, despite my love of the horror genre lol. I want to go to Disneyland Paris one day, it is at the top of my bucket list! I'm hoping I'm lucky as you were and meet a few new friends!! #LoveAThon

  5. Thanks for participating!! I absolutely love the graphic in your blog header! Fairies speak to my heart<3! And we have such similar taste in childhood books. I devoured Babysitter Club and Sweet Valley High as well! I'm also trying to branch back out into more adult fiction this year. Station Eleven is on my must read list for 2017 so I hope you're enjoying it so far! Right now I'm reading (and loving) Dark Matter! Ahhh and I absolutely love The Neverending Story! I haven't read the book but I have such fond memories of watching the film with my older cousin repeatedly!

  6. Yay! Another Canadian book blogger! I'm from Ontario. This summer I'll be road tripping all the way to Vancouver! My husband and I will be camping along the way and bringing our dog Toby with us too. YAY! It's nice to meet you :) My primary platform is YouTube with a channel called Habitat for Happiness (http://www.youtube.com/jenkayna) but I post on my blog as well.

  7. I love the story behind your blogs name and the fact that you had a little research under your belt before you started blogging. Blogspot is an amazing platform and is what I started on before I switched to Wordpress. Between you and me, I wish I'd stuck with Blogspot. ;)

  8. I also loved the Sweet Valley books growing up! Every once in a while I'll read one just for the nostalgia value.

  9. OMG, She's All That is SOOOOOOO GOOD!

    I'm so happy that you participated again this year, I was so excited to see you on the sign up list :) <3

    I NEED to read ACOMAF like now... you've told me so many times that I will love it because of the bad boy thing, I just need to go do it..like now!

    And don't feel bad, I haven't read Empire of Storms yet either... or Queen of Shadows, so it could be worse hahaa.

    Happy love-a-thon doll <3

  10. Nice intro post! Adult coloring is something I've loved for the past year or so as well.


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