2017 Series TBR

Like I shared in my bookish resolutions, I am planning to finish/catch up on ten series this year.  Similar to last year, this is a mix of newer and older series.  Hopefully I can stick to this list, but ultimately, I'd just like to check ten series off my TBR list, even if they aren't the ones on this list.  But here goes...

1. Lux (Opal, Origin and Opposition)
3. TOG (Empire of Storms and Book #6)
4. Magyk (Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, Darke, and Fyre)
5. Unwind (UnWholly, UnSouled and UnDivided)
6. Everneath (Everbound and Evertrue)
7. The Young Elites (The Midnight Star)
8. A Discovery of Witches (Shadow of the Night and Book of Life)
9. Grave Mercy (Dark Triumph and Mortal Heart)
10. Pure (Burn)



  1. I still really need to finish the Grave Mercy series! I only have the last book to read. I wonder if I could get away with not rereading the first two...I'm planning to start a bunch of series! Including The Young Elites! :)

    1. Maybe we can motivate each other to finish the Grave Mercy series this year! And if you start TYE, you can motivate me to finish it =P

  2. Great List! What is the fate of Prequel/Sequel challenge? Will it make a return?

    1. It will! We should have the sign-up post ready this month (we're both a little busy right now, and it slipped off our radars, but it will be back!)

  3. I HAVE to get my hands on the His Fair Assassin (Grave Mercy) series. I adored the first novel but the sequels just slipped past me.

    Midnight Star is also on my list. I swear the cover taunts me whenever I go to the library :P

    1. I really liked Grave Mercy too, and I own all three, so I'm not sure why I didn't pick them up right away! I NEED to finish The Midnight Star before I forget what happened in the first two books =P


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