2016 Reading Challenges Wrap-up

Last year, I participated in four reading challenges and, for the first time EVER, I completed each and every one of my goals!

Goodreads Challenge

Goal: 52 books
Read: 73 books
I set my goal at 52 books because of the Around the Year challenge, and blew it out of the water!

TBR Pile Challenge

Goal: Sweet Summer Fling (31-40 points)
Result: 32 books
I'm super proud of myself for acheiving this goal, even though I had to go to the library to borrow books that I own, but had packed, in order to fulfill my goal.

Prequel & Sequel Challenge

Goal: Professional (76-100 points)
Result: 108 points
Last year, I aimed for the top category (101+ points) and missed it by a long shot.  This year, I played it safe, but still managed to achieve the top category!  Re-reading the Harry Potter series really helped, as well as the Among the Hidden series.

Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge

Goal: Wasn't aiming to complete all challenges
Result: Actually completed all challenges!
I honestly didn't plan to complete this challenge, and didn't even think that I could complete it.  But when I realized that I had only ten challenges left towards the ned of the year, I decided to go for it, and I'm proud of myself for finishing it.



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