#Bookmas - Top 4 Underrated Reads of 2016

#Bookmas is a Christmas video/blog/Instagram challenge hosted by Hailey @ Hailey in Bookland.  Day 3 is the top three underrated reads of 2016.

1. How to Be Someone Else by Rachel Del
Goodreads showed me that only 35 other people have read this book, compared to my most popular read of 2016, Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone, which 4.5 million people have read.  This sweet contemporary was full of heart, and definitely my most underrated read of the year.

2. The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry
This book made it onto my top debuts of the year, but it's also a book that had mixed reviews around the blogosphere, so many readers probably gave it a pass for that very reason.  It's a unique read, and unlike anything that I've ever read before, but in a good way.

3. Brain on Fire by Suzannah Cahalan
I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but when I do I enjoy a good memoir.  I don't think I've ever read a memoir that sucked me in as intently as this book did, and I raced through the book.  Utterly captivating and a very good read.

4. The Sculptor by Scott McCloud
I'm not a huge graphic novel reader, but I do follow the bookish buzz about graphic novels, and honestly hadn't heard much about this one.  It's SO GOOD.  For someone that couldn't get into the Saga series, this one hooked me from the beginning and I read the entire thing (almost 500 pages!) in a single afternoon while Marko napped.



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