October TBR!

Soooo, I didn't read either of the two books that I had planned to read in September!  When the weather turned cold and rainy at the end of August, I immediately started craving darker reads, but by the time we were into the first week of September, the sunshine returned and I didn't feel like reading those books anymore!  To be perfectly honest, I spent most of September finding things to do that didn't involve reading, but I think I was stressing out a little about my reading challenges.  As the year starts to draw to a close, I find myself seeing all the books that I had planned to read and I freak out a little because there's not enough days in the year to read them all.  And when I freak out a little, I stop reading, rather than encouraging myself to read more.  So I decided to stop worrying about what I may not have time to read, and instead just focus on reading some more awesome books!

I'm keeping things simple this month, and choosing a book that we're reading for book club (The Girl on the Train) and the book that I'm currently reading and enjoying (The Undomestic Goddess, which was on a TBR list previously this year!)  I know that I can read both of these =)



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