September TBR!

I've been rockin' most of my TBR lists so far this year, so let's see if I can keep it up =)  The weather has been beautiful and sunny for most of August, but turned to rain and clouds as soon as the month came to an end.  Colder rainy days result in me yearning for a different kind of read, and these are the two calling my name from the shelf ... er, the box of books that's packed and ready to go!

I've had Dangerous Girls on my shelves for over three years, and I've seen a few pictures on Instagram lately featuring this book.  It's on my list of 16 books to read in 2016 as well, and I've only read six of the books so far this year!  I started The Young Elites last year, during my epic book slump, but put it down because I just wasn't in the mood.  Again, Instagram has featured a number of people receiving packages for the series finale, which rekindled my interest in reading this book.  It's another of my list of titles to read this year.  If I can read both of these books this month, I'll actually be halfway through my list!



  1. I really want to read The Young Elites. I really enjoyed Legend by Marie Lu, but I never read the sequel! I see that you're reading Exit, Pursued by a Bear. I'm interested to see what you think. I liked that one!

    1. I picked up Exit, but got distracted by other things! Story of my life these days. I will read it ... soon. Oh, and you simply MUST pick up the rest of the Legend series! I read the first one before Marko was born, and then audiobooked the whole series last year.


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