On My Nightstand - September 28

Recently shelved as read:

Wow, the last time I shared one of these posts, I was currently reading Lady Midnight!  I know now why I haven't written one of these posts in a while, since I normally write one as soon as I've moved onto a new book.  I have read many, many books since I picked up Lady Midnight, but haven't actually finished Lady Midnight just yet.  My most recently read book, however, is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I started rereading this series on audio a few months ago ... May perhaps?  I've been absolutely LOVING the series on audio, and I feel like I'm rediscovering it again after so many years.  I didn't think I'd end up finishing it this year, but I think there's a good chance that I actually might get to the next three books before Christmas!  Two hours in my car each day really adds up.

On my nightstand:

There's too many books to count on my nightstand right now *hides face in hands*  I'm a reading disaster.  I'm buddy reading Finnikin of the Rock with Jessica @ Novel Cravings, which I'm liking but not loving just yet.  I started reading it on audio instead of the print version, now that I'm between Harry Potter books.  I set it down over the weekend to read another one of the Among the Hidden series because it was due back at the library, and then picked up book 6 in that series as well, feeling like maybe I should just read the last two books quickly and be done with it.  But then I also realized that I have book club next week, and I should be reading THAT book.  So, currently, I have four books on my "currently reading" shelf on Goodreads (the shame, the shame, the shame...).

Calling my name from the shelf:

I'm going to Toronto to be a bridesmaid for one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, and I leave next Wednesday.  I'm hoping to finish up all my half-read books and then this beast is coming on the plane with me.  My flight leaves at an ungodly hour of the morning, so I might be too tired to read, but it's a long day of travel, so I can hopefully get some reading done!



  1. I'm currently listening to Goblet of Fire on audio! I love them so much too. It's been slow going with audio for me lately. It's hard to pay attention to anything with an inquisitive 3 year old around. I'm sure you know all about that. ;)
    I hope you start to LOVE Finnikin soon!


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