On My Nightstand - July 13

Recently shelved as read:

The Start of You and Me absolutely blew me away last summer, so I had really high hopes for When We Collided.  I really liked it, but it was definitely darker than I was expecting.  The Moon and More was cute, but not as good as some of Sarah's other books.  Still a solid read, but I can understand why people were a little underwhelmed by it.  I've also powered through the first two Harry Potter books on audio!  Loving re-discovering them in a new format!

On my nightstand:

Although I missed the official sign-up, I'm participating in the Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon.  I love the idea of getting YOU to pick my next read!  There was a three way tie on the poll on my blog (Lady Midnight, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and The Young Elites), so I took the top three to Twitter and Lady Midnight was the clear winner.  Since there was so much love for the other two, I'll definitely pick them up soon, but I'm really glad that Lady Midnight won!  There's no way that I'm going to finish the book during the read-a-thon, since I have a final paper and a final exam due this week, but I know that this book would have sat unread on my shelves for a long, long time if I wasn't encouraged to pick it up.  Just like the Infernal Devices, I know that I'm going to love this book, but I needed the encouragement to just read it already!  

Calling my name from the shelf:

After the epicness of Lady Midnight, I think I'm going to finish off my July TBR and enjoy another contemporary.  I've been doing quite well with both my July and summer TBRs, and I'd like to keep it going!



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