On Changing Book Buying and Reading Habits

Last summer, I took a long hard look at my physical TBR and was surprised to discover that I had 136 unread books on my shelves (but, in all honesty, I thought the number would be much higher).  Since then, I've been keeping track of my TBR, and I'm down to 129!  I've bought lots of books since my initial count, but have also committed to read more of the books that are on my shelves.  I've noticed some changes in both my book buying and book reading habits...

...I'm reading what I buy pretty much right away.  
Granted, I haven't bought too many books this year at all, mainly because 98% of my book collection is currently packed away in boxes in our storage locker in preparation for our upcoming move.  I've borrowed a few books from the library that I felt like reading, but had already packed, but have definitely focused on reading what I own.  The few new releases that I've acquired this year have almost all been read right away.  I think that this is because they don't get put onto my shelves and lost in amongst all the other books that I want to read.  I've been picking them up right away because A) I'm really excited to read them and B) I don't have as many unread books to choose from.

...I'm becoming more and more of a mood reader.
I've had a post on mood reading drafted for over a year, but this year has really solidified my position as a mood reader.  I put books on hold at the library, but by the time they come in, I'm not really in the mood for that particular genre or topic, and they usually go back unread (sometimes even late and I pay fines on books I didn't even open!)  I've pretty much only read book club books from the library, because those are ones that I have no choice in reading, and some of them aren't books that I want to own.

...I'm committed to reducing my physical TBR.
I've really enjoyed having less of a physical TBR to choose from, and have thoroughly enjoyed treating myself to a new release and then diving into it right away.  I'd definitely love to have less than 50 unread books on my shelves, and am committed to reaching that goal.  It might take a few years, but ultimately it would be nice to go book shopping, buy a new book and start reading it that night.  Last year, I made a self-created book buying ban whereby I promised to only buy books that I planned to read right away.  The ban flopped because I bought way more books than I read, but this year I've definitely been more selective with the books that I've bought and it's worked out quite well. I think the secret is staying away from Book Outlet =P

How about you?  Do you find that you book buying and book reading habits have changed over the years?  Let's chat in the comments below, and thank you so much for stopping by =)



  1. My book buying habits have changed so much in a year! I normally only buy books that my library doesn't have in stock and won't for a while. I used to buy any book I wanted to read, and now I barely buy any books at all. I'm a mood reader as well! I have the same exact problem with library books as well. Once I get them in, I don't want to read them that much anymore. I've been staying away from Book Outlet as well! I don't remember the last time I made a purchase. Let's just say I'm very proud of myself! XD

  2. I'm definitely a mood reader. I've been on a big cozy mystery kick lately.


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