July TBR!

I wasn't going to do TBR posts for the summer, but since I kicked some series butt on my June TBR, I figured why not?  I'm working my way through my summer TBR list anyways, so here goes!

I have read every single book by Sarah Dessen ... except The Moon and More, despite having it on my shelves for three years.  I think the mixed reviews scared me away from picking it up, but I'm hopeful that I'll love it anyways because 1) it's Sarah Dessen and 2) low expectations usually pay off for me!

I read This Song Will Save Your Life last year (or maybe the year before?) and really liked it.  Again, I've had Past Perfect collecting dust on my shelf for a couple of years, ever since the lovely Estelle from Rather Be Reading surprised me with a copy as an extra bonus for a giveaway that I won.  I know that I'm going to love it!



  1. The Moon and More was pretty good. I need to get back on track with TBR posts.

  2. I've read most of Dessen's books, but not The Moon and More! I need to read it too. Her books are always a treat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Past Perfect!! It's so much fun. I hope you love it as much as I do. :)


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