The Love That Split The World - Emily Henry

I finished this book a few weeks ago, and have been struggling to find the words to review it every since.  It's a very unique book that doesn't really even fit into a genre.  It's a contemporary love story, but also a bit of magic realism / science fiction-y time travel.  With Native American legends and creation stories tossed in.  And some psychology.

After getting fully caught up with my review copies from Penguin Random House, I decided to pick this one up.  In all honesty, it was a complete cover grab, since I had no clue what the book was about.  Between the beautiful title and the gorgeous cover design, I thought I would love this book.  But then the book started getting mixed reviews, which made me hesitant.  Thankfully, I went into this book with low expectations (mainly because of those mixed reviews), and I was BLOWN AWAY.

The writing was spectacular and the characters were so memorable.  The plot was completely unique and unlike anything that I've ever read before.  I'm constantly searching for a new and unique read because I sometimes feel like YA is just the same story told over and over with slight modifications.  This book is definitely a unique read, as I can honestly say that it's unlike any other book that I've ever read.  The book has been called The Time Traveler's Wife meets Friday Night Lights, and I can see the comparison since there is time travel and football elements, but there's also First Nations mythology and love and friendship and self-discovery.  Emily Henry's writing is absolutely gorgeous and both the story and the writing drew me in from the very beginning.  This is truly a memorable story, and one that I thought about long after I'd read the last page.  If you're looking for something unique and unlike anything else out there in YA, definitely give this one a shot.  The story is as beautiful as the cover.

Please note that I received a finished copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, but this did not affect my thoughts on this book in any way.



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