Marko Monday [22]

Marko has started picking his own books at the library, which sometimes results in some very juvenile books and other times he picks books with barely any photos and I can't read them as fast as he wants to turn the pages.  Other times, he interacts with the story so much that he barely listens to the words because he's pointing at all the pictures and asking, "What's this?  Who's that"  What's he doing, Mama?"  So it's exciting when he picks a book that has just the right amount of words, visually beautiful images and a story that's fun to read (I love rhyming books!)

Arlo rolled is one of those books.  Arlo is a pea in a pod of five, who knows that he's destined for greatness.  So he rolls out of the peapod and sets out on an adventure across the garden.  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the story is dramatic, as Arlo escapes both a slimy slug and a hungry crow.  Definitely one that we'll borrow again.

As for Marko, his little personality grows stronger and more defined each day.  Along with choosing his own library book, he's been asserting his wants and needs a lot more lately.  Frequently heard in our house is "But I want to!" and "I can't."  He's got some big changes coming up in his life (switching daycares, transitioning to a big boy bed and moving houses) but I'm pretty confident that he's going to rise to meet each challenge with a smile and a good attitude.  He's just such a happy, chill and cool kid and he makes me smile each and every day.



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