Marko Monday [21]

It's hard to believe that two months have flown by since the last one of these posts!  Since the majority of Marko's books have been packed, we've been making weekly trips to the library for new books.  Marko grabs a basket on wheels the moment we walk into the library, and loves filling it up with new stories to read at home.

He's moving away from wanting to read the same story over and over and over again (byyyyyeeee Brown Bear, Brown Bear!) and loves discovering new stories.  Reading with him is such a joy and a challenge as I try to read the story, while also answering "What is this Mama?" or "What he doing?" as he points to the pictures on each and every page.

We've discovered some truly wonderful wordless picture books lately that allow us to make up a story as we read it, and just answer his endless stream of questions while we go through the book.  David Weisner has become an instant favourite and, although all of his books this far have been fantastic, Flotsam was one of Marko's favourites.  It's the story of a camera that washes up on the beach, and the boy who finds it gets the pictures developed, showing the truly mystical underwater adventures that the camera has taken.

This kid just fills my heart with so much joy.  We took a couple of trips to Ikea earlier this month to buy, and then to pick up, a new bed for him to use at his nanny's house and each time we stopped for an ice cream cone.  This particular picture is from Mother's Day, where I spent the entire day just feeling grateful that I am a mama for this incredible little boy.



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