On My Nightstand - April 13

Recently shelved as read:

I know, I know, I said last week that it would be a while before I shared another one of these posts, but I couldn't put this book down!  I bounced back and forth between the audio and print versions (which, to me, seems to be the best way to get through a chunky read in a reasonable amount of time) and LOVED IT.  I've been hesitant about picking this series up because I've been disappointed by the Victorian-era YA books that I've read recently (The Madman's Daughter, Something Strange and Deadly) and I think I'd decided that the 1800s just wasn't a time period that I enjoyed reading about.  The women in both other books were so spineless and weak and, even though I know that women had less rights and freedoms in that era, I just couldn't stand being constantly reminded of them fainting, and being so weak, and needing help, etc. etc.  Just not for me.  But TESSA -- here's a woman who is a typically Victorian woman, but still has so much fire and personality!  I loved it, and it was everything that the other books were lacking.

On my nightstand:

I'm still reading Tell the Wind and Fire, which I'm absolutely loving when I'm reading it.  The problem is that, when I'm not reading it, all I want to read is the Infernal Devices.  On occasion, I've made myself pick it back up and take an evening away from Tessa and Will, and then I'm loving it.  But I'm not generally in the mood to pick it up when I'm not reading it, which is no fault of the book itself, but just related to how much I'm enjoying the Infernal Devices.  Although I had my final exam on Monday, I did no studying since I jumped straight into Clockwork Prince.

Calling my name from the shelf:

The next book that I pick entirely depends on how speedy the library is!  I've already put Clockwork Princess on hold, since I know that I'll just want to gobble up the rest of this series.  But if it takes a little while to come in, then I'll probably read Unraveling.

How about you?  What are you reading this week!  Let's chat in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!



  1. The Infernal Devices is one of my all time favourite trilogies! I read it before The Mortal Instruments even though it is the sister series, and I adored it. Tessa is a marvelous character. I'm glad to see you like it too :D


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