Thursday Tracks - Soul Boy by The Blue Nile

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My co-worker is completely smitten over someone right now, and it's been so incredible to watch her go through this experience.  She arrived at work, excited about this song that she'd heard (A Thousand Years by Christina Perri) and was gushing about how beautiful the lyrics are.  I commented that it's an older song and she agreed, but said that she'd never really heard and connected with the lyrics before.  When she read out a few of the key lyrics that were speaking to her, it made me realize that her connection to the song was directly impacted by her blossoming new relationship.  I smiled wistfully as I remembered listening to love songs in a whole new way once my husband and I started dating.  In fact, in our early months, he made a few mixed CDs entitled "Songs That Make Me Think of You."

One evening, we were at his sister's house, and she played this new song she'd discovered.  As soon as I heard these lyrics, they spoke to me so profoundly:

Let me be your soul boy
Let me be your soul
There's been no one like you
Trusted and true
For so long

To this day, my husband is listed as "My Soul Boy" in my cell phone contacts.  It's a nickname that I've called him since we heard that song, and I knew that the lyrics described our connection perfectly.  Plus, it's got this amazing beat and mellow vibe that I just love to bits.



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