Thursday Tracks - Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay

Thursday Tracks is hosted over at Gone with the Words and gives me the opportunity to share another passion of mine -- MUSIC!

Last week, I shared our packing theme song, City of Blinding Lights by U2.  It's a song that has carried us from city to city as we pack and then unpack boxes and boxes of books.  This time around, we've definitely had U2 on in the background, but we've also gravitated towards Coldplay and have had their newest album on repeat.  We've been loving Hymn for the Weekend since it has such fun and catchy lyrics.  Since I had to Google the video, I didn't realize that there's actually a bunch of controversy surrounding the depiction of India in the video; however, I still like the song.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think =)



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