Marko Monday [20]

I missed last month's post, since my end-of-the-month wrap-up fell on the day when I would have featured this post!  I may not post these at the end of the month, but will still aim for once a month-ish.  Ish, as always =P

Marko received The Little Blue Digger for his birthday last month, and this book has quickly rocketed to the top of his favourites list.  It's a super cute story of a little blue digger who isn't allowed to help on the construction site, since he's so small.  But when a huge pile of bricks fall on top of the big yellow digger, it becomes apparent that little diggers can also be helpful.  The graphics in the story are great, and I love the message that each person has a special skill.

Now that he's three, his little personality just continues to grow and get stronger with each passing day.  Frequently heard phrases include: "No I do it!" and "But I want to!"  Each day presents us with the challenge of encouraging his growing independence, while also dancing the fine line between wanting to keep him happy and letting him run the show.  In short, keeping up with a toddler is pretty exhausting!

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago and shared it on Instagram, while Marko was "helping" to pack by emptying out a bag of chess pieces and then pulling all his book shelves off the shelf.  This is our boy: chess + reading = one happy kid.



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