On Tough Choices

Hubby and I made a pretty big decision last week.  After much debate, we've decided to put our condo on the market this spring and see what happens.  We're hoping that we can make the jump to a single family home or, at the very least, a townhouse.  Our two bedroom, one bathroom, 900 square foot condo just isn't big enough for the three of us, including all Marko's toys and our books.

Before we list our place, we're packing up most of the contents and putting them in storage.  This will make our place look bigger, since a lot of square footage is used up with 13 bookshelves, not to mention the other stuff.  I started packing the books on the weekend, and was then faced with a tough choice.

If I'm putting my books in storage until our condo sells, and we find a new place to move into (which, let's face it, could be MONTHS), which books do I want to read in that time?  Seriously though, choose the handful of books that you'll want to read in the next six months or so, and then PACK THE REST.  ALL OF THEM.  NOT TO BE SEEN AGAIN FOR ANOTHER SIX-ISH MONTHS OR SO.

SO.  I'm standing at my bookshelf, gazing adoringly at the contents.  So many unread treasures, yet to be savoured and discovered.  I never realized how much I am used to having the option of choosing from all my unread books.  If my counting is correct, there's about 136 of them.  It's not a ridiculously huge number, compared to some others in the blogosphere, but to me it still feels like a lot of books.  I love putting together my seasonal, and now monthly, TBR posts, where I contemplate what I'll try to read over the next few months.  As history has shown, I rarely ever stick to those TBR lists, and usually venture off to something else that I'm in the mood for at the time.

BUT NOW I HAVE TO CHOOSE.  My husband originally said to keep five books out of the boxes because he's only keeping one book out.  FIVE BOOKS?  FOR SIX MONTHS?  I laughed at him and told him 20 was a better number.  He (reluctantly) agreed and I set about trying to choose.  And it was SO HARD.  I currently have 25 books out, and I already feel like it's not enough.  I picked some of the books from my 16 books to read in 2016 list, but also some that I can use towards the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge.

My question for you is this: have you been faced with packing all of your lovely books, and if so, how did you cope?  Please let me know in the comments below -- I need all the help that I can get!


  1. i need to have lots of my books in boxes as i wait until i can get my new bookshelves and while it shouldn't take month i still can understand your feeling. i love teh liberty to just browse the pile and choose having to just see what is outside teh box is torture

  2. 13 bookshelves?! That's amazing! Congrats and good luck with selling your condo! I've had my books in boxes for months before too. It's not that bad because you soon forget about them lol. That being said, should you be inclined to want to read an unread book that is boxed up, you could always take those books out of the library to read? That way you are still making a dent in your physical TBR pile. Get a box that fits under your bed and store the books you want to keep out in there...that way they are still out of sight for showings, but you still have access to them. Good luck!!


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