On My Nightstand - February 3

Recently shelved as read:

Phew, what an intense book.  It had its slow moments for sure, but for most of the book I found myself cringing at all of the horrific things that Amanda experienced during her captivity.  I listened to it on audio, which led a sense of credibility to the story, but I found that it really bothered me that she co-wrote the book, since I felt that I was listening to her tell her own story, but using someone else's words to do so.  On the whole, a moving read, but the style of the story didn't quite work for me.  

On my nightstand:

I'm savouring the last hundred or so pages of Winter, and loving every minute of it.  I'm planning to read 27 pages per day of A Feast for Crows, with the goal of completing it by the end of February.  I'm only 50 pages in so far, but it already seems quite different from the last season of the show!

Calling my name from the shelf:

I've already decided that Six of Crows is going to happen this month, but I've also been eyeing Everything, Everything and have kind of been craving a contemporary?

How about you?  What are you reading this week!  Let's chat in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!



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