Mini-Challenge #1: Mix 'n' Match

I've already shared on the blog about my love for yoga, which I've been slowly getting back into over the past few weeks.  My house is full of boxes stacked everywhere (we're preparing to move), so I couldn't find any spare inches for a yoga-inspired photograph.  Instead, I found some fun bookish links to share:
  • Book Riot shared five yoga poses for reading (I heart pigeon pose, and will definitely try reading in this one soon!)
  • Do You Yoga threw another seven poses into the mix (I love the twist and will definitely try this soon too!)
  • The Toronto Sun explains that yoga is good for the brain ... which is why my co-workers and I always take stretching breaks during our work day.


  1. I enjoy yoga and will be checking out these links. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the move!

  2. I've only done yoga once (so far). It was for a health class and I really liked it! I checked out the yoga poses for book lovers and I sometimes read with my legs up against the wall. I had no idea that could be considered a yoga pose. :D

  3. Those reading poses are great! I'm going to look into them for sure. I'll probably only be able to do the last two because I tend to get pain in my shoulders when I lean onto my elbows, but I'm interested in trying them out. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I'm slowly getting back to doing Yoga. I was without internet for some time and I love to do poses next to Adrien's YT channel. I love those yoga poses for reading!



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