February TBR

I love putting together my seasonal TBR posts, and took that a step further with my list of 16 books to read in 2016.  Although I'm definitely a mood reader and rarely stick to my planned TBR lists, I do enjoy putting them together.  I adore watching TBR videos on BookTube so I thought I'd start putting together my own TBR posts!

I'm not going to make these overly enthusiastic, but figure that I'll pick two books to read during the month and just see what happens from there.  These may be books off my book list, books to count towards challenges or simply books that I'm just in the mood to read.

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
I signed up for a free Audible trial at the beginning of the year, when I feared that my reading slump would never end.  I picked A Feast for Crows as my free audiobook, but then fell into the Lunar Chronicles and forgot to pick this up!  I'd like to make a reading plan (inspired by Snuggly Oranges), which is what I did for the first two books.  February is a short month, but I'll need to read 27 pages per day in order to make it through the book in a month.  With audio and print on the go, I know that I can do it.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
This one has been calling my name from the shelf for a while now.  I bought my copy at the same time as Winter, but put off reading both of them due to my reading slump.  I think I'm ready, and game to knock one of the books off my 2016 TBR list!



  1. Did you mean to go for a theme here? XD I loooove AFFC and SOC is on my list for this month as well!

    1. Ha ha, I literally just realized last night that both had "crows" in the title!


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