Night Film - Marisha Pessl

Night Film is a hard book review because it's so strange, but intriguing, but odd, but strangely rewarding.  It's a long book that I ended up listening to an audio while I was commuting and then reading the print copy when I wasn't in my car.  It still took me close to two months to work my way through this dense novel, sometimes because I was just savouring its oddness and other times because I had lost track of what the heck was going on.

At its heart, Night Film is a mystery novel, as the book centres around the suicide of a young girl who is the daughter of an eccentric movie director.  The main character starts investigating her death as he is an investigative journalist and obsessed with the Cordova family, even though that obsession led to his professional demise years earlier.  With a couple of odd sidekicks, the novel embarks on a variety of twists and turns as the characters navigate through the confusing maze of clues and try to find the truth about Ashley Cordova's death.

I had heard a lot of positive reviews about this book from readers whose opinions I trust.  The main one that I heard again and again was that the book terrified them and kept them up at night with the lights on.  I didn't find the book that scary, although it was definitely weird and a little creepy.  I've only been genuinely scared by two books in my life (The Shining and Coraline), so it's possible that books just don't scare me that easily.  Despite not being scary, Night Film is still a solidly good read as it contains a very intricate and complex mystery with a host of very intriguing characters.



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