Looking Back at My Bookish Resolutions for 2015

I love the end of the year for all of the self-reflection that comes around!  My bookish resolutions for next year are coming up, but I thought I'd take a moment and look back at last year's resolutions first....

1. Read what I want when I want.
I definitely rocked this resolution!  I don't think I fell victim to any bookish hype this year, and focused on reading what I felt like reading at the time.

2.Not be afraid to try new things.
I definitely read more fantasy this year, with one specific example being Shadow & Bone.  I'd picked up Shadow & Bone a couple of years ago, but couldn't get into it, so I returned it to the library.  Lauren @ Lose Time Reading raved about the book, so I gave it another try and ended up marathoning the series!

3. Stay true to myself.
I definitely stayed away from the popular bookish train this year, and read what I knew I'd love, rather than just what others were reading.

4. Read books that I own.
I kind of set myself my own version of a book buying ban, where I decided that I wouldn't buy a book unless I planned on reading it right away.  While this did have some success (I bought 34 books this year, not counting my Christmas books, which I haven't hauled yet).  I did read almost half of them, but found that this was keeping me away from some older unread books.

5. Continue to make progress with my series.
I rocked at this goal at the beginning of the year, but burned myself out on series as the year progressed.  I did finish four series, and got caught up on another, so I'll consider this a success =)

How about you?  How did you do with your bookish resolutions?  Leave me a comment below -- and thanks for stopping by!



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