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I was signing up for The Broke & The Bookish's Secret Santa yesterday (if you haven't already done so, go now -- it's one of my favourite parts of Christmas!) and I was updating my Goodreads wishlist.  While working on that, I was also browsing through my TBR list for series that I have to finish, and I realized just how many OLD series I have on that list.  For example,

  • Bone Series by Jeff Smith -- I read the first four (or maybe five?) books in the series long before I started blogging.  I can hardly remember what happened in the books that I did read, but this was one of my very first graphic novels and I loved the ones that I read.
  • Magyk Series by Angie Sage -- I read the first one (I think in late 2005 or early 2006) and remember really enjoying it.  I don't read much middle grade these days, but I own the next three books in the series, and would love to binge read them all.  It was Harry Potter-esque (and I use that term loosely because nothing is REALLY Harry Potter-esque!)
  • Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike -- I'm not much of a fairy book person, but I really did enjoy the first in the series, since it was a unique take on the topic. I own the second book (received from my very first Secret Santa three(?) years ago!) but I haven't jumped back into the series yet.
  • Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen -- I started this series right when I started blogging, so it's been close to four years since I read the second book.  I liked it -- it was historical, but fluffy and kind of Gossip Girl-esque.  Plus, those covers -- so pretty!
  • House of Night Series by Kirstin Cast & P.C. Cast -- Again, I was reading these books near the beginning of my blogging "career" and I kind of lost interest in the series.  I've read nine books so far, and the series wrapped up earlier this year, so there's only three books left to read.  I kind of feel like I've invested so much time into the series that I should just read the rest ... or maybe not?
  • The Cemetery of Forgotten Books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon -- This is perhaps my greatest embarrassment on this list.  I ADORED the first book when I read it during the summer of 2011 and bought both of the other books in hardcover right when they were released, yet they sit on my shelf unread.
There are more than a few other series on the list, but these are the ones that have been unread for years and years.  I would love to knock a few of them off my TBR pile, and am hoping to read a mix of newer and older series next year.

How about you?  Do you have any long unread series sitting on your TBR list?  Are any of my series also on your list?  Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!



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