Marko Monday [17]

It's been quite a few months since I shared one of these posts, but Marko had a few months where he was less into reading than he used to be.  It's likely due to the warmer summer months and we were spending more time outside and less time at home, but now that the weather's turning colder and the days are getting shorter, he's happy to curl up with a pile of books when we get home from work.  I also re-arranged some of his things in our house, and I find that his interest is reinvigorated when his toys and things are in different spots.  I moved his little chair and added a bin full of books, and he was content to sit in his chair and read book after book.  Then, we came home from Costco with a big box which, of course, had to be transformed into a car with his chair inside as the driver's seat.  Now, he's perfectly content to read inside his new car!  Forgive the terrible lighting, but I had to snap a quick pic to share...

As I shared in my August wrap-up, we finished with potty training last month, and Marko has done incredibly well!  We're still a ways away from him being diaper-free at night as well, but I'm just blown away by how quickly he picked it all up.

Marko has been back into dinosaurs lately, and his current favourite bedtime story is Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?  This book has gorgeous illustrations, and I love that there are so many details for him to look at in the pictures.  The dinosaurs start off naughty and not wanting to go to bed, but then finally settle down and say goodnight.  It's perfect for this stage in his life, where we're really working on listening and doing what has been asked.  Marko always says, "That a bad dinosaur, not listening to Mama!" when we read the story -- it's super cute.



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