On TBRs (piles, shelves, jars, you name it!)

Today I want to talk about TBRs and how we organize them.  I feel like I have a million systems on the go and I often spend more time thinking about and planning my TBR than actually reading!  Please tell me that I'm not the only one with this problem!

TBR Pile...
I have a TBR pile on my bedside table, which is usually made up of books that I have recently acquired and/or my seasonal TBR pile.  I find that I usually read a book or two from that pile, and then stray back to my shelves for subsequent picks.

TBR Shelf...
I don't have a TBR shelf, although I did recently go through my books and create a series of posts listing out all the books that I hadn't read off my shelves, and then crunching the numbers to find out the grand total of unread books.  I have contemplated re-organizing my shelves into read and unread books, just so that I could have a better visual of my reading; however, it's difficult because my books and my husband's books are all mixed in together.  I have our books roughly sorted into genres (middle grade, YA, adult contemporary, adult horror, adult thriller, adult sci-fi - the last three shelves are all of his books) and then we have a few shelves filled with literature texts from our university days and a mix of other non-fiction books).  I feel like dedicating shelves to particular topics will be easier once we have a bigger home and I can sprinkle books and shelves throughout the house.  I don't know -- sometimes I love my shelves as they are, and other times I want to pull off all the books and start over.

TBR Jar...
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I spent an incredibly long amount of time (i.e. Marko's entire two hour nap!) making a TBR jar.  Although I'm generally a mood reader, there are times where I just can't decide what to read next, and I thought that having a TBR jar might be kind of fun.  My husband uses one of his own, although he's pretty hard core about it.  He'll pick one book and read it cover to cover, regardless of whether or not he's enjoying it.  Seriously, the man does not DNF.  He's a machine.  I plan to keep picking books until something strikes a chord with me, or pick a few books and choose the one that I like best.

How to you plan or maintain your TBR or decide what to read next?  How did your come up with your system?  I feel like I need some help -- sometimes the overwhelming number of books that I want to read becomes too much, and then I don't read at all!  Let's chat in the comments below =)



  1. I have WAYYYY too many books to read–which means I can’t make a pretty jar because that would take FOREVER. But yeah, I keep a few books that I need to read soon on my table, and otherwise I have a shelf on Goodreads which I look at to decide what books need to be read next. Great post! I love hearing about how other bloggers/readers tackle their TBR piles! :D

  2. My system is usually to list my next reads on Goodreads using the little numbers they let you set on the TBR shelf. I can spend FOREVER doing this, like I actually have to plan out my next 50 reads. And then I never actually read those books, haha!

  3. I always find it a bit funny to hear others' various complex methods of sorting out their TBR - I am a hardcore mood reader, so even if I did have a dedicated TBR pile/shelf/jar/etc/etc/etc, I'd probably stick to it for about a millisecond before wandering off in search of a shiny new read. ;) I tend to stick to my Goodreads TBR shelf whenever I'm truly stumped as to what my next read should be - it's got just enough variety that I can generally find something to cater to my whims!


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