Time to Crunch the Numbers

Over the past two weeks, I have shared my TBR pile, broken down into standalones that I need to readseries that I need to finish and series I have to start.  Then, I was curious about how many books I owned that I had already read, so I listed out the standalones that I had already read and series books that I own and have read.

Now, it's time to look at the numbers ...

The Grand Total

Total Number of Books Owned: 336

Unread vs. Read

Unread Books: 136
Read Books: 200

Let's Break 'Em Down

In my collection, I have 202 standalones (60% of my collection) and 134 books that are part of a series (40%).

I own 90 middle grade books (26%), and 123 young adult books as well as 123 adult books (each representing 37% of my collection).

Within the middle grade books, 34 (38%) are part of a series, while 56 (62%) are standalones.  Out of my young adult books, 85 are series (69%), while 38 are standalones (31%).  I only own 15 adult series books (12%), but have 108 standalones (88%).

The final breakdown of my collection is as follows:
Middle Grade Series 10%
Middle Grade Standalones 17%
Young Adult Series 25%
Young Adult Standalones 11%
Adult Series 5%
Adult Standalones 32%

In all honesty, I thought the numbers would be higher.  Of course, over 300 book is a LOT, but I am happy that I've read more than half of what I own.  Although the whole idea of clearing my TBR is exciting and inspiring, I am also happy with the fact that I likely will not have ever read all of the books on my shelves because I do enjoy looking at my shelves and choosing my next read.  I will definitely aspire to lowering my TBR number significantly -- it would be awesome to have under 50 unread books.  One day I will get there!  But for now, I'm happy with how things are =)



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