Marko Monday [16]

Last month, I shared Marko's first book haul, and one of the books we picked up has become a new favourite!  The street outside his daycare was being torn up and repaved, and he absolutely LOVED seeing the diggers every morning -- and a new obsession was born!

This book not only explains how diggers work, but also has a cute story about how digger helps to build a playground, but also gets called to help rescue a cat that gets caught in a tree.  After reading this book a few dozen times, Marko now knows the parts of the digger, as well as the other construction vehicles named in the book.  It's pretty adorable to hear him pointing out the bulldozer and the road roller.

I love how much he loves reading.  Just the other day I snapped this picture, when he was a bit too quiet in his room and I peeked in to make sure everything was okay.



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