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I've always wondered how many unread books were actually sitting on my shelves.  My shelves have a bit of a wonky organization system (I can easily find things, but my husband can't), and it makes sense to me so I haven't bothered to change it.  Sometimes I wish that I actually had a TBR shelf to choose from, but most of the time I prefer not to have a specific shelf because I don't want physical proof of the sheer number of unread books in my house.  But, well, curious minds need to know.  So here's the second part of a several post series, outlining the standalones that I have yet to read.  Let me know in the comments below if you see any of your favourites here, and books that I should bump up my TBR list!

If you missed the first two posts, here's my list of standalones that I need to read and series that I need to finish.

Middle Grade:

  1. Dealing with Dragons
  2. Eragon

Young Adult:

  1. Finnikin of the Rock
  2. The Forbidden Game
  3. Switched
  4. Fury
  5. Bloodlines
  6. Graceling
  7. Fire
  8. Bitterblue
  9. Something Strange and Deadly
  10. Unraveling
  11. Half-Blood
  12. Halo
  13. Across the Universe
  14. Beautiful Disaster
  15. Starcrossed
  16. Dangerous Girls
  17. A Court of Thorns and Roses
  18. Obsidian & Onyx
  19. Opposition


  1. A Discovery of Witches
  2. Shadow of the Night
  3. The Name of the Wind



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