May Wrap Up!

We're only at the end of May, but summer has arrived in my area!  The past couple of weeks have been warm and sunny, and we've been spending a ton of time outdoors.  This has left me craving some contemporary standalones, so you will see a fair amount of these types of books in the coming months!

The Books

Books Read: 9 (Ruin & Rising, City of Heavenly Fire, A Storm of Swords, This Song Will Save Your Life, Ugly Love, Confess, A Sense of the Infinite, The Outcast and Rock Chick)
Of these books, four were books off my shelf, three were from the library, one was a review book and one was borrowed from my co-worker.  I'm pretty proud of how many books I read this month, and Goodreads says that I'm 7 books ahead of schedule!

Books Acquired: 8 (A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Start of You and Me, Saint Anything, UnDivided, Forever Interrupted, After I Do, Firefly Lane and Opposition)
I have acquired a total of 23 books so far this year, and have already read 8 of them.  I'm definitely acquiring books faster than I'm reading them, but I've read quite a number off my shelves so far this year, including some that I've had for several years.  Out of the books that I recently purchased, I'm currently reading one of them, and purchased a number of contemporaries with the intent on gobbling them up this summer.

The Challenges

Prequel & Sequel Challenge: +26 points (20 points for finishing the Grisha trilogy and the Mortal Instruments series, plus 2 points for Ruin & Rising, City of Heavenly Fire and A Storm of Swords)
Flights of Fantasy: 2 more books read (Ruin & Rising and A Storm of Swords) for a total of 7 books so far!
TBR Challenge: 3 more books off my shelves, for a total of 13 so far!

The Blog

I decided to finally figure out how many TBR books I own.  This series has three posts thus far, including standalones that I need to read, series I need to finish and series I need to start.  Next week, I'll be sharing two posts about my read books, and then doing some serious number crunching to find out the brutal reality of how many unread books are sitting on my shelves.  I'm a little nervous =)

I also looked back at a post that I made two years ago about the series-ousness of getting my series TBR under control.  Although I have made a dent in the the TBR list that I made for myself, I think that the biggest change has been the way that I look at series.  Rather than reading a book or two and moving on, I've shifted to both finishing old pending series.  I've also binged a few series, and I have to say that I love getting lost in a world for book after book until it's over.

I reviewed Hilary K. Smith's newest book A Sense of the Infinite as well as checking in two times with what's on my nightstand.  Finally, Marko shared his first book haul!

The Other Stuff

We took a trip to my hometown during the May long weekend to visit my parents and my sister.  This was such an epic trip, as it was the first time that Marko wasn't nervous around my dad!  As I shared a while back, my dad is in a motorized wheelchair and, even though he's still just my dad, I can understand why Marko would be a little hesitant around him, since he doesn't look like anyone else that he has in his life.  Plus, he's only seen my dad a handful of times, so he's not as familiar with him.  But this trip was amazing, because he gave my dad a hug and a kiss and told him "I vuv you Gampa" and it was the cutest thing of all time.

What's happened in your life this past month?  Has summer arrived in your part of the world yet?  Does your reading taste shift when the weather changes?  Let's chat in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!



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