Marko Monday [14]

Marko Monday is a monthly(ish) feature, where I showcase a book that Marko has been loving, as well as an update on what my little man is doing these days!

Marko received a copy of Who is Driving last summer, but this book has recently exploded to the top of his favourites list.  It features a series of different animals, and poses the question "who is driving?" in relation to a bunch of different vehicles.  It's a good book to initiate discussion too, because there aren't many words, but we often make the story last by asking questions about what each animal says or what their names are.

Animals are hugely popular with him at the moment, as he loves learning the different sounds that each animal makes, and he is OBSESSED with driving cars.  When we arrive home from work, he loves having a few minutes to "drive car" before we go upstairs.  It's hilarious to watch him, and I also love starting the car the next morning, only to have my windshield wipers and turn signal immediately turn on!

One of the local parks has been under construction since last spring, but finally opened a couple of weeks ago.  We've spent a lot of time there, soaking up the sunshine and, in this photo, using our empty coffee cups to dig in the sandbox.  His little smile lights up my day!



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