Reading Challenges - 2014

I started drafting my sign-up post for my 2015 reading challenges, and realized that I really had no idea how I'd done.  I didn't set very specific goals for myself and didn't do a very good job of keeping track of my progress either.  Before I look towards 2015, I thought I'd actually take a moment to look at how I did this year!

Books read:
  • Allegiant by Veronica Roth
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor
  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
  • Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn
  • How to Love by Katie Cotugno
  • Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker
  • Reboot by Amy Tintera
  • Arclight by Josein McQuein
  • Sever by Lauren DeStefano
  • Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
  • A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
  • Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
  • The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna
  • Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson
  • Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer
Total: 16 Books!  A Friendly Hug

Here is a list of series that I read to completion (or to most recently published book):
  • Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth (Allegiant for 12 points)
  • Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Scarlet and Cress for 4 points)
  • Article 5 by Kristen Simmons (Breaking Point and Three for 14 points)
  • Chemical Garden by Lauren DeStefano (Sever for 12 points)
  • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (Ignite Me for 12 points)
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor (DoBaS and DoGaM for 14 points)
These series I read some of, but not all:

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (books 1-7 for 12 points)
  • A Song of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings for 2 points)
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (The Assassin's Blade, Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight for 7 points)
  • Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver (Hana, Annabel and Raven for 3 points)
Total: 92 points!  Professional

I had NO IDEA that I had done that well with the series challenge!  I mean, I knew that I'd read a fair number of series, but had no idea that my points would total up to such a high number. 

How about you?  Did you complete any reading challenges this year?  Leave me a comment below!



  1. Congrats on doing so well in your challenges! And good luck with your 2015s! :D

    (sorry if this posts twice, I think it got eaten the first time)


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