Looking Forward...to 2015!

It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost behind us!  Even though I'm always sad to bid a fond farewell to the past year, I'm always excited about the fresh start that a new year brings!  Here are my bookish resolutions for the coming year ...

1. Read what I want when I want.
I think that I learned a lot about myself as a reader last year.  I went through a couple of mini-slumps when I was wearing myself out by reading what I had planned to read, and ignoring what my heart was telling me I should read.  Next year, I will still make my seasonal TBR posts, because it's FUN, but I will read what I feel like reading because I enjoy what I read more when I'm not forcing myself to read.

2.Not be afraid to try new things.
In 2013, I dipped my toes into fantasy when Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books encouraged me to try out The Girl of Fire & Thorns.  I used to read a lot of fantasy when I was younger (basically, if there was a unicorn involved, I was THERE).  As I grew up, I gravitated towards contemporary and then to dystopian.  This year, however, I delved further into fantasy and found that I'm really loving it!  I will definitely be open to trying new things in 2015.

3. Stay true to myself.
Even though I'll be open to reading something out of my comfort zone, I have also realized over the past year that I know myself best and, even if it's a book that everyone is RAVING about, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have to read it.  I have fallen victim to bookish hype quite a bit and every time that I'm disappointed I've realized that it's a book that I picked up because of the hype, but it wasn't really a ME book.  This year, I will still pay attention to the reviews when books are getting a lot of buzz and attention from bloggers that I trust, but I won't necessarily jump onto every popular bookish train.

4. Read books that I own.
I've always thought that the whole of idea of a "book buying ban" was funny, as I do buy a fair amount of books, but I've never felt that my book buying is out of control and requires an intervention.  I do sometimes struggle with the feeling of bookish guilt over the number of unread books on my shelves.  I've toyed with implementing a book buying ban, just to reduce the number of unread books on my shelves, but at the same time, I know that there are books that I will want to buy, and I don't want to restrict myself.  But then, I thought of the PERFECT way to get my physical TBR shelf down: I will not buy a book this year unless I plan to read it right away.  Yup, you heard it correctly.  Whenever I buy a book this year, it'll be because I plan to dive into it RIGHT AWAY.  I did this on two separate occasions this year (Black Dagger Brotherhood book #2 and Crown of Midnight) and it was AWESOME.  I loved the excitement of going into the bookstore because I was almost finished the first book, desperate to have the next installment in my hands.  Then, as soon as I finished the final pages of book 1, I jumped straight into book 2.  It was awesome, and I want to experience that more in 2015.

5. Continue to make progress with my series.
This goal goes hand-in-hand with the goal above.  While I definitely plan to complete some more series in 2015, I also want to binge read some series that I already own and haven't read yet.  Specifically, Marie Lu's Legend series, Neal Shusterman's Unwind series, Kristin Cashore's Graceling trilogy and the rest of the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series.  It's going to be epic.

How about you?  Do you have any bookish reading goals for the year?  Leave me a comment below -- and thanks for stopping by!



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